Thursday, November 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Something to Ponder On Today.

Look what I found in the archives. I posted this at the end of September 2012. I'd forgotten about this but really glad to be reminded of these lovely truths.

We Leave Our Children...

Love, the most precious of all gifts - familial, brotherly and spiritual;
Our attention, for one day they may not hear us;
A value system: self-reliance, courage, conviction and respect for self and others;
A sense of humour- for laughter is life's gyro;
Discipline - else life will be a bitter teacher,
A will to work - for work well done brings pride and joy;
A talent for sharing - for society needs belief in individual worth;
The passion of truth - for truth is a straight answer, the beginning of trust;
The lantern of hope - which lights the dark corners of the mind;
The knowledge of belonging - impromptu praise, a soft caress;
A sense of wonder at - the things of nature, love of friends without reciprocity and the size of God's Word, in print so small it fits inside each heart, in meaning so great it spreads over the earth.

                                       - Author Unknown



  1. Oh my goodness. This is so good. Such a value. I might have to print this out and hang it above my kitchen sink.

    The one that struck me hard this morning was "our attention".

    This morning we were in a hurry to get my little guy off to the bus... he kept wanting to talk (tell me stories) instead of eat, brush teeth, etc. I kept shushing him off... in order to stay on track. There is a balance I am sure. But - way more often then I care to admit I don't lavish the Attention that he needs and then I don't always get the same "at attention" that I need, when I need it.. and it shows.


    I pray for grace...strength... forgiveness.
    Thanks for sharing this today - Shirley.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will be printing this one out for sure x


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