Friday, October 28, 2016

Off the Needles

This week I have had two projects off the needles...

This little baby jacket has been one of those projects that has has taken far to long to complete. I started this jacket about 3 years ago - 3 YEARS!! Oh my goodness - there's really no excuse LOL.

For some reason I just lost interest and it sat at the bottom of my knitting basket, almost forgotten. However I am a person that once I start something I need to finish it, so when I came across this little jacket a few weeks ago I sat down and pushed through. It's very cute - of course I don't know anyone who has a baby so I think I shall just pop it away for the future. Either a gift for someone who has a baby or for a {way in the} future grand baby. :)

Another project off the needles...

Socks. This pair was for my daughter. Her feet get so cold at night and so she requested a pair of knit socks to help solve her frigid-foot problem. Last night was the first time she wore them and I am happy to report that they did the trick.

I currently have 4 projects on the go - ridiculous but I really love all four of these projects so took the plunge and cast on. But that I will keep for another post ;)

Happy Fri-yay everyone, enjoy your weekend.


  1. Your little baby jacket is so pretty, such a delicate colour, lucky daughter having hand knit socks to keep her toes cosy. I have many wips on the needles, it's lovely to have a different variety of projects to choose from.
    Enjoy your new cast ons.

  2. The baby jacket is so cute, love the colors.

  3. It certainly is a stunning baby jacket, loved the pattern. I was also impressed with the socks something I have never attempted. Have a great weekend.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Save that jacket for sure - it's so unique and pretty!

  5. Lovely matinee jacket...the beginning of a Hope chest I think! ;)

  6. Great finishes! I really like the socks a lot!

  7. oh that sweater is precious!!! I love all the pinks in it :)

  8. Really beautiful! The baby jacket is just adorable. You don't find many of them handmade anymore. I confess that I still have the ones my Mum knitted for my children years ago.

    The socks look wonderful. I bet they're nice and warm in the winter.


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