Monday, February 22, 2016

The Kate Spade Handbag Story...

OK - so if you have been a long-time follower of my blog you will know that I am not a 'designer' girl. I'm an ordinary mom and often a frugal one at that, Matalan, M & S and occasionally Next are my go-to clothing stores. In fact I really quite enjoy finding ways of being frugal, it's a challenge and I feel good after hooking a great deal. 

The most 'designer' place I visit is TK Maxx. My girls love visiting TK Maxx to see if their favourite make-up brands might be had, they often get great deals. Last week we were in Plymouth as DD1 had a day off work and wanted to go and do some shopping. So off we went. TK Maxx was on the 'hit' list.

The girls headed upstairs to the make-up section and I strolled on over to the handbag section. I've been looking for a black handbag for ages - I'm a bit funny about handbags, by no means do I mean designer wise, just - it has to grab me. I've been looking for ages and - NOTHING. Until my eyes alighted on this little baby...

OH - MY - WORD! Love at first sight is an understatement. I picked it up had a look and fell further in love. I gave it a little hug right there in the store LOL. This was it! This was the bag that I've been looking for! I had a look at the price tag, the blood drained from my face and I sadly put it back on the shelf. *sniff ~ silent sob*

It was at a great price - half it's regular retail price, that's what TK Maxx is famous for after all. But.... still 3 times the amount I would ordinarily spend on a bag.

I turned away slowly and started looking through the less expensive brands. Behind me I heard, " squeeeeeeal!! Mum, this is the most DIVINE bag!!" I turned around and there was someone holding MY bag!!!

" Get your filthy mitts off my bag!" I screamed silently at her in my head. :)

"Well lets go have a look at the TK Maxx in Exeter", said the very wise mum.

"Yes - go look in Exeter", I agreed - again silently in my head.

The girl put the bag down and they walked away.

I snatched up the handbag before someone else could get their paws on it. With my other hand I was calling my husband to see how mad he would be if I bought it LOL. (We pass everything with one another)

To my very happy surprise he gave me his blessing. So I did it. I bought my beautiful Kate Spade handbag - my first, and probably last, designer handbag. But look how pretty it is, look at the pink polka dot interior, and how my pink Filofax looks so great inside - LOL.

Us girls are funny creatures aren't we? Something out of the blue can turn us into that 5 year old little girls who wants to be a princess all over again - I thought that girl was long gone and far too sensible for such thoughts. But I guess there's a little bit of 'princess' in all just waiting to pop out at the most unexpected moment.

Hope your week is off to a great start :)


  1. hehe enjoy your new bag. Clearly it was meant to be yours lol. We love TK Maxx too, don't always buy something but it's fun to browse around. My daughter got a new bag this weekend too

  2. I'm totally with you on your new bag - I am the same when it comes to handbags. It looks stunning and everything fits so perfectly well. Lesson learnt sweet friend if you see something you like never put it down xx

  3. How fantastic!! I hope that you really love using it! xx

  4. It is pretty, but mostly I am struck by how organized your purse is! Mine just has everything thrown in, I'm afraid.

    1. LOL trust me Helena, mine get's like that too.


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