Tuesday, September 09, 2014

UK Families - Are You Up For 5 Minutes of Fame?

This post is aimed at all the UK families that read my blog. 

Last week I received a very interesting email in response to my Woodland Walk post. It was an email from a lovely lady named Ellie. She is the Assistant Producer for Plimsoll Productions, a film company in Bristol.

They are on the hunt for UK families to take part in television series for BBC2. Here's what it's all about...

Ellie's Email:

We are currently on the hunt for lovely, lively families to be part of an exciting new style of television series for BBC2, documenting family life across Britain in 2015.

The series, entitled You Should See My Family, will capture everyday routines, occasional dramas, frequent humour and, most important of all, the warmth and togetherness of family life. 
Using the latest technology, we’re also able to put the participating families in control; allowing them the opportunity to capture their family, pets, and special moments together.

Does it sound like something you think your family would like to do? If you are keen you can apply via the details below:

In order to apply to take part, there is a short online questionnaire – please do feel free to share this link:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/youshouldseemyfamily  

If you know of anyone in your circle of friends who would love an opportunity like this, please feel free to share on your FB page or on your blog, or perhaps just share via good old word of mouth ;)

Have a lovely Tuesday all...

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