Friday, February 08, 2013

Stitched Hyacinths

So far I am still on track with my stitching goals for 2013. My plan is to stitch all my birthday cards this year. This one was popped into the Royal Mail this morning and is making it's way south across ocean and continent to South Africa.

This card has been stitched for my Mother-in-law's birthday. I can share it here as she does not have the Internet and therefore does not read my blog :o)

As you can see, spring is still very much on my mind with my choice of stitching!

Even after Monday's snowstorm I eagerly snapped springs message of hope peeking through winters icy grip! All over the garden spring bulbs are fighting their way towards the sun. I think spring is going to be glorious! I just love all the little signs of life during these hard cold months. Makes my heart sing!


  1. What a beautiful card.

    Snowdrops are a wonderful promise of Spring often needed in February!

  2. Your mother in law is one very lucky lady. She is going to love this card!!

  3. Your card is beautiful! I'd never thought of a stitched card for a birthday. A wonderful idea. And good luck with getting the others done; that is a lofty goal! I'm looking forward to seeing new ones!


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