Thursday, December 13, 2012

Minus 9!

It is another very chilly start to the day...
 I'm so grateful for my warm house.
Pretty frost ferns on the window in the conservatory, first I've seen since arriving in England.

lots of very hungry birds! It's hard to get a great shot of all the birds visiting, but on the feeder at the moment is a starling - very aggressive birds around the feeder and a little robin - a shy and timid bird. You can imagine the desperation to feed if the robin is willing to share the feeder with the starling. They usually fly away the minute another bird lands.

On the ground and out of the shot are about 10 other starlings, a couple of black birds and 3 pigeons. Poor things! I can see that today I'm going to have to fill the feeder twice!


  1. Minus 9 is cold-the lowest I've seen around London in the last few days is minus 5 still cold enough!

  2. I know you find your temps very cold. However, sitting out here in (mid) Canada, I have a smile on my face. If our temps were -9C now, we would be thrilled. It has hit -35c (including windchill) in the past few days. Windchill is the actual temp and the wind speed figured out into how cold the air feels on open skin. This is the temp that we use most frequently in winter, probably since out part of the country is flat and has a lot of wind. Hope you warm up soon. Myra


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