Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Autumn Welcome...

We had beee-uuuu-tiful clear skies over Chesterfield this past week-end. Perfect for jumping on the lawn mower to get the grass under control and for visiting the local garden center. I simply could not pass up this beautiful pot of mums. It was crying out to come home with me and live next to my front door - to welcome anyone happens to pop by.

Today I bought a couple of pumpkins. I wanted one to keep the mums company :o) - and the other I had wanted to turn into this cute little autumn vase...
I'm thinking a pumpkin filled with red, orange and pink dahlias would look lovely
Image from my Pinterest board
The girls are desperate for some pumpkin pie and I am wanting to try out a couple of yummy looking pumpkin treats, so best I get hollowing out that second pumpkin soon!

This week I'm also keen to try a couple of these seasonal crafts...
No Sew Autumn Leaf Bunting from the Artful Parent. LOVE her blog!!!

What a great idea. Could take this a step further and make it a leaf identification chart.

Placed between two sheets of contact paper, this fall art allows orange and red light to filter through the window. Cut contact paper into circles, sandwich the leaves between, and punch holes around the edge. Carrington laced orange satin ribbon through the holes, attaching the contact paper to a metal ring.
all links to the original source can be found on my Pinterest Board

I just love Autumn!


  1. Happy autumn to you as well! Love all the oranges in the photos :)

    1. The oranges are quite breath-taking and the scent even more so :o)

  2. Love it!!!!!!!!

    I've done the pumpkin vase too. There are so many things you can do with pumpkins like that.

    Have fun!!

    Have you ever saved the seeds out of them and roasted them?


    1. I haven't roasted the seeds before, but I certainly intend to give it a whirl :o)


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