Monday, July 16, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... Another wet day in England today. But it really does not bother me much. I love the way the raindrops gather on the windowpanes like little diamonds. I love how everything smells so fresh, how a cup of tea seems to taste so much nicer when the weather outside is cooler, and how all the colours of nature seem to be so much brighter after a good soaking.

I am thankful... that I am saved, born again, a child of God. I have been reading the 'Left Behind' series and feel so thankful that I heeded the call of my Savior early on in my life. How empty my life would be without the eternal promise of a life with Christ. Which leads me to ...

I am thinking about... being more purposeful in leading my dicipleing my children's hearts for Christ. Not only that, but I am wondering if I am being bold enough and taking up every opportunity to lovingly tell others about Christ. These last days will not last forever and there should be an urgency in my heart to share Christ's saving grace with them. We simply do not know when these 'last days' will come to an end. It could be in our lifetime, it might not, but we do not know and I should be taking every opportunity to witness. I am naturally quite a conservative and shy person, so shouting from the street corner would simply not be an option for me. God made me, He knows me, and knows that I am a better one to one witness than a 'public speaker'. I think I need to pray for 'opportunities' to witness.

In the kitchen... I am busy with 'Herman The German Friend Cake' at the moment. A little while back a received my sourdough cake starter from a friend. The end result was delicious. However life happened and I found myself without the time {or memory} to continue with the 10 day process indefinitely and so threw my Herman starter down the drain. But - now that life has slowed down a bit, I am quite keen to nurture 'Herman' again. After searching the net for some sourdough starter recipes, gone through 2 failed attempts, I think we are seeing success with attempt number 3! I am on day 3 of the process and the starter is still creating lovely bubbles - a sure sign that the yest is alive and well. After having a look at the Herman Friend cake website {link above} I have discovered that you can freeze 'Herman' anytime you are feeling overwhelmed and need a break from him. Yay! So hopefully this sourdough starter will keep for years! I am also keen on exploring sourdough bread - in the bread maker. Imagine never having to buy yeast again for my daily bread! Very frugal!

I am creating... knitting, knitting, knitting. I have 3 projects on the go. Another pair of socks, a shawl for my sister and a cowl. I am determined that for my next project I am going to try a bit of faire isle knitting. A small project to start with of course - it's all picked out already :o)

I am reading... the 'Left Behind' Series of books. On book 2 at the moment. But like my knitting, I always have more than one book on the go. Some other reads are 'Charlotte Mason Series Volume 6' {small doses so that I can absorb her wisdom}, and

I am learning... well I hope to be learning how to spin wool in a few weeks time! The spinning wheel has captured my imagination over the last few years and I would love to learn how to spin my own yarn - oh - and dye it with natural dyes too. This week my husband has insisted that I look into it and book myself on a spinning course. So excited!

I am pondering... On a few things actually. I really love simplicity, traditional home-crafts and home-keeping and creative frugality. These thoughts are all whirling about in my head at the moment and I am looking forward to a bit of quiet so that I can perhaps journal about them. I really want to make my daily life more purposeful, more frugal, greener, and sustainable. There are areas of interest that require dedicated thinking time - does that make any sense? LOL. This week-end we visited another beautiful National Trust property, as we wondered through the kitchen garden, I was inspired by the bed markers that read, 'natural dyes', 'medicinal herbs' etc. I really love that. I enjoy gardening, I love plants and would love to be able to orchestrate all my simple 'loves' into my daily life. So much to learn, to explore!
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A favourite quote for today...

One of my favourite things... walking along country lanes and seeing the fruit in the hedgerows - some of which we will gather later on in the year.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Finalising my 2012/2013 school plans
visiting a friend down in Stoke On Trent on Friday
sorting out my home planner and school planner
Taking the girls for a couple of swims throughout the week

A peek into my day... Finally making stock from carefully saved chicken carcasses :o) - the result? A DELICIOUS soup.


  1. I am also reading Charlotte Mason's sixth volume in small doses - so much to think about. Enjoyed your daybook entry!

  2. I've never heard of sourdough cake (bread, yes, but not cake) - sounds delish! Good luck with it!

  3. I loved your quote picture. I am working on school plans also.

  4. enjoyed your daybook!! sourdough cake? i buy a delicious sourdough BREAD from a local bakery here in New YOrk State but I've never heard of the cake....sounds like a lot of work! :)


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