Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keeping Home and Keeping Hearts

'Mrs Tittlemouse was a terribly tidy particular little mouse, always sweeping and dusting the soft sandy floors.' - The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse - Beatrix Potter

I find that I have to do a little 'stock taking' in my life every so often. You know, what's working, what's not, what needs to change - that sort of thing. I don't really have a 'set time' that this happens, usually I start to feel that things are not sitting quite right. I feel a little out of my depth, uncomfortable and needing to address that 'something' that is making me feel that way. The past few months have been quite tough - I'm not sure why as life is generally good. It could be a bad case of the winter 'blah's' on top of the second move in a short period - who knows, but 2011 certainly brought ALLOT of changes in our lives - good changes - but changes none the less.

So it seems that 'stock take' time is once again scratching at the door, demanding my attention and action. I pondered over what it was that was missing and I realised that it was the 'good' habits that I have lost along the wayside of change. It is quite amazing how a move - even a small local move - can disrupt the best-laid structures in your life. One of the things that was almost 'gospel' in my life, was the efficient running of my home. Those closest to me will attest to the fact that I was a monthly meal planner. Meals were diligently recorded on a monthly calendar for all the family to see. My shopping lists were born out of this meal plan which helped me to be a good steward of the housekeeping budget. Most days ran like clockwork and when they did not I was blessed with not having to think about what to feed my family! (This BTW is really a huge relief in my life. I absolutely hate living from meal to meal - always thinking of the next thing to nourish my family - life has to be about more than about constantly thinking about food!) My home ran on the railway tracks of habit - Wednesday was always bed linen day, Monday and Friday vacuum and mop day, Tuesday was furniture polish day etc...
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Somehow, all that got set aside in the higgildy piggildy of moving, settling down and life in general. It was only in the last two weeks that I realised that the comfort and peace that comes from not having to expend so much energy on thinking of these things was missing. My home seemed to be getting on top of me. Thinking about food constantly and often times finding that the cupboards were missing an ingredient right at crunch time began to take its toll on my patience.

About a week ago, I determined that the time had come to oust the bad habit of -well laziness- and get cracking on putting back the things that have helped me run my home efficiently. I decided to treat myself to 'Moms Toolbelt', a neat tool that I have been drooling and umming and ahhing over for ages now.

 It did not cost the earth - only around £8.00 - for unlimited access to hundreds of seasonal appropriate forms to help me keep track of all there is to running a home, a homeschool, a life. I love pretty, so these pretty forms was just the encouragement I needed -lol. I have not yet bought my fancy presentation binder, but I figured if I waited to have it 'just right' my home would continue to feel to be in a state of 'disarray'. No, I felt an URGENT need to get right on top of things. I found a small binder that is currently doing the job. I printed out the forms I needed most - meal planners, house work schedules and monthly calenders and got right on it. It felt good to set in stone some of my regular oldies. (I can be a bit funny that way - once it has been written down, then I am able to release the thought lol). Now all I do is look at the day and the tasks set and tick them off the list. Easy Peasy!
My Heart's at Home
I think the next area that is requiring my attention is what and how we homeschool. Our days seem SO looooong
Anyhoo, I think that's enough mumblings from me tonight. I hear the kettle calling my name! Until another day dear friends...

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