Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It has been an age since I sat down and wrote an entry for The Simple Woman's Daybook. It used to be a regular weekly entry back in my early blogging days, so I thought that for yesteryear's sake, I would once again open my Daybook and pen an entry.


Outside my window...Snowflakes are gently falling, covering the world in its white blanket. The few birds who have not taken shelter are flicking the snow away from the bird feeder, digging for seeds. The world is slowly being transformed into a magical winter wonderland.

I am thinking...about my grandmother today. She turns 80 and is still full of life and fighting fit. My mum, aunts, brother and sisters -with their families - are all there today. I just know that they are all having a very festive time together - wish I could be there.

I am thankful...That my husband made it home from work today safe and sound. It is our first experience driving in snow and it is very slippery!

In the kitchen...I have some apples lying around, so thought that I would whip up and apple and blueberry crumble - perfect for a cold snowy day. The blueberries were picked last summer and frozen as a treat for the long cold winter months.

I am wearing...some home comfort clothing! Perfect for such a day as this. I have my warm slippers on, my favourite black stretch yoga pants (that's trousers for English readers - apparently 'pants' is underwear here -lol), and a favourite over-sized snowflake motif sweater I knitted about 8 years ago. It wasn't planned BTW - to wear matching nature motif clothing ;o)

I am creating...Things on this front have been a bit slow I must say. With all that knitting that I did before Christmas, my mojo seems to have taken a hiatus! I have picked up the pair of socks I started knitting in December exactly once and thought how often I start a pair of socks - finish the first one within days - and then take MONTHS to finish the second one!

I am hopefully take the girls out for a bit of sledding a bit later. We are contemplating walking to our nearest park which is about a mile away - great walk and great sledding hills, but the snow is said to start falling more heavily this afternoon, so they might just have to make do with the little hill on the other side of the field.

I am wondering...if there is a better way that I can approach my 'job' as teacher in our home school. Some days I feel like I just drift through the day, allowing things to happen. In all things we are to give our best, do our work as if for God - therefore my good could always be better and my better could always become my best.

I am reading...oooh, just finished reading Jack Sheffield's brand new book, 'Educating Jack'. I LOVED it - finished it in two days! I am currently reading a book out of the library which really does not bear mentioning, so wondering what to get hold of next!

I am spend some time creating a workable plan to get back into once established habits of meal planning, and weekly home-keeping chores. Moving home tends to undo so many good habits that were once established and I am really feeling the need to take a bit of time out and try apply my mind to this issue.

I am looking forward to...2012 in general. With just having moved to the area and trying to establish ourselves, I am looking forward to watching things unfold. I look forward to the day when we can truly call this little bit of England 'Our Home'.

I am accept each moment, each day that is here and now. I have a tendency to live in the past and in the future - neglecting the present. I really want to learn to get a grip on this bad habit!

Around the Hyacinth is in full bloom and filling the stair landing with it's fragrance. It really does bring such cheer to this time of the year.

I am pondering...on writing up a snow related nature study for next week. Might as well open the door when opportunity knocks! 

A favorite quote for today...

'The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, its when you don't understand yourself.'

One of my favorite things...a cup of coffee/tea and some peace and quiet while I look out my window and watch the birds and take in our beautiful surroundings. It calms my soul

A few plans for the rest of the week: We are going to visit Gateway Christian Education resource centre on Monday. It is a ministry started by our church which aims to support home educators in the Manchester area. We are quite excited to join in with their family worship time and see where we can plug in. We also have an afternoon visit to some wonderful new friends. We love this families company and look forward to spending time with them.

A peek into my day...


  1. Thank you Shirley for a beautiful post. I can almost smell that hyacinth on your stairs. When it gets very cold and dreary here in the Free State (nothing like your snow) I find that I crave colour. Have you ever seen Lucy's blog at Attic24. Google it for some creative inspiration.

  2. A beautiful post Shirley Ann, and beautiful photos as well.

  3. the girls must be loving the snow!It has been 37 degrees here today!

  4. Enjoy the snow! Here in NEW England it has been such a weird winter.... very little snow so far aside from one bazaar Oct snowstorm. I used to homeschool our girls too. Your snow study sounds fun! Have you ever heard of Snowflake Bentley? Here's a link you might enjoy:

    There is a children's book about him too:

  5. "apple and blueberry crumble" Mmmm sounds perfect!
    I love the snowy pics!!!
    ...and thank you for your kind encouragment over at my blog :)


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