Monday, December 05, 2011

First Snow!

Okay, so I know those of you from heavy snowfall areas are gonna laugh at our first snow pictures - but for us ex-South Africans, the snow that fell last night is a big deal!

The girls have been waiting in anticipation for our first snowfall, it finally arrived in the early hours of the morning. The sun was only just beginning to rise but the girls were outside and throwing snowballs at each other. As we speak, it is already melting, but at least we can say that we have had our first English snow ;o)

Back soon to show you around our new home, and some Christmas decorating that happened here at Spaw Cottage over the week-end.


  1. First snow! Yeah! We are still waiting in anticipation - although it has been warmer this year than last and none is predicted before Christmas - but we live in hope :) Look forward to seeing pics of your new home

  2. You lucky duck! I would love some snow....

  3. Can you believe it has already melted? Oh well, today has been peppered with snow and sleet flurries. We are still hoping for more snow as we move through December ;o) *sigh*

  4. what great excitement Shirls, remember our fun day in the snow together!


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