Monday, September 26, 2011

Joining the Multitudes on Monday

I have to admit to waking this morning with a heart full of discontent. I did not feel thankful for much. In fact I was feeling rather sorry for myself! Today was a day of mourning communities which I have moved away from. Some emotionally, all geographically. A feeling of sadness engulfed my morning, I found it hard to shake. One sad thought replaced another.In the midst of this I glanced at a post, a post dedicated to being thankful, a link up to Anne's Gratitude Community.

'This is not something I can do toay', was the message which shot without any meditated thought across my mind. It was at that point that I realised -once again- that I was choosing to remain in a place of defeat. I was EXACTLY where the enemy wanted me to be!

'Lord, are you there? Can you help me? Do you know my heart?'
'It's your choice my child.'
Indeed, it is my choice! I need to choose otherwise. I need to choose to look and see my blessings. Looking, acknowledging, accepting, appreciating, resting in God's goodness. In His care. In His plan for every day of my life. Knowing. Knowing that He created me, knows me, accepts me - even on my pouting self-indulgent days, and loves me just the same. Unconditional, never changing, always loving me. when I don't know who I am - I can find my identity in Him.

So many waves wash over us in this world. Crashing, turbulent, disturbing waves that Mar the peace that each of us so fervently seeks. But through it all God stands firm, our anchor. He promises to keep the waves from overcoming us. He breath's life into dry bones. He is able to keep us in perfect peace and turn all into good for those who love Him. So in reverence I look back at some losses in my life and instead of allowing the pain and hurt to overcome, I live in victory through my beautiful Jesus...


For my amazing earthly father... although taken too soon, thank you Lord that he left a legacy that will last generations.


For family. Although separated by great distance we are never separated in heart.


for beloved pets we had the privilege to love and cherish each day. Thank you for the loving homes that you provided for each of the Lord when we left South Africa. It makes the loss easier to bare.


For dear friends and friendships that travel over the miles. for their voices on the other end of the phone that lift when spirits are down.

For a life blessed with abundant love, laughter, shared memories and joy found relationships with others - for communities I have had the privilege to be a part of.

For your plan Lord. The promise of a new life, with new friendships to be forged, new communities to be a part of. For the blessing of having more precious people touch our lives and to hopefully be able to touch theirs.

Thank you Father! When I cannot find the words or muster the strength - Thank You for being the one to carry me!


  1. I love this song...(#48)and my dad (#43) has also passed away too soon... but has left a great legacy behind.

    Blessings to you Shirley, today. I'm glad you shared your heart today anyway. Loved this post.

  2. Such a beautiful song :)
    Thank you for sharing your heart here :)
    Moving to a new country and starting a new life must be as amazing in some ways as it is difficult in others.
    God Bless you as you continue on your jounrney with Him beside you every step of the way.
    And thank you for your lovely comment over at my blog!

  3. Thank you Bevy. I'm sorry to hear about your loss too. Death is a necessary doorway to heaven, but so hard to deal with for those of us left behind until we meet again ;o)

    Thank you for your comment Suzy ;o) Your blog is an inspiration!

  4. your last paragraph is just so true for me too my friend , miss you xx


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