Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joining the Multitudes in Thankfulness

As I gazed up into the forest which covered the sides of the Scottish Lochs which surrounded me, I couldn't help but marvel at the works of my Fathers hands! How magnificent. 'Mountains cry out at the works of His hands...' My heart and my voice could not be contained as I sat alone on the front of our hired boat. Each morning I hear the birds welcoming the fresh new day and I think that they trill on the tops of their voices - also unable to contain the wonder of Gods creation.

How blessed we are to live in such a beautiful, created world! One created ESPECIALLY for us! For me this time was a Holy Experience. Partly because I was back in a place where I fell in love with my husband - now with our children and 14 very happy years of marriage under our belts, partly because of the feast my eyes had reflecting on God's awesomeness, and partly (and on a slightly sadder note) because my dad had so loved this land and wanted to visit his ancestry home again. Alas, our Heavenly Father called him home last year. It was not to be. His memory remained with me throughout the week, close - so close.

With plenty of time to reflect on God's majesty, once again I realise how much I have to be thankful for. So counting on to One Thousand Gifts...

31. For the blessing of Gods beautiful earth

32. For the constant reminder of the love that I share reflected in each of my children's and my husbands eyes each day.

33. For the opportunity to spend time in beautiful Scotland - my fathers ancestry home. I felt so close to him

34. For the blessing that knitting for others has been to me personally

35. For sight - being able to see the seasons change, to be able to appreciate and savour the leaves turning shades of orange and gold -*sigh*

36. For bed time snuggles with my girls, even though they are heading for teen years they still want their cuddles each evening.

37. For the rain that has been falling the past few days sent by God to maintain life on his planet

38. For the miracle of life seen wherever I look

39. For quiet moments in the midst of busy days

40. For traveling mercies afforded to my husband every day as he drives the long journey to work and back.

41. For the joyous sound of two sisters playing together

42. For the opportunity to meet and share time with the lovely family who helped us settle in when we moved to England. For their thoughtfulness in the small details.

Joing Anne at A Holy Experience

May you feel Gods abundant blessing, peace and love in your life today.


  1. I am so pleased to hear that your etsy shop is NOT a permanent closure and I shall be keeping my eye open for those gnomes!!!! Thanks for stopping by! "O))

  2. I love Scotland! Gazing at mountains and lakes and trees always fills my heart with wonder for God too. Thank you for sharing!


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