Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joining the Multitudes in Thankfulness

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Can it be that I missed Monday? Time flies by - faster than I would like most times! Last week was a turbulent one in England. Riots ripped through the country, peoples lives changed forever in moments of senseless violence and madness. I realise that I have allot to be thankful for as I think about the innocents caught up in the tragedy. I am so grateful for:

20. A simple and uncomplicated life

21. A peaceful spirit that resides in me because of the saving grace of beautiful Jesus

22. That the violence did not touch my family personally. My husband was kept safe when the riots broke out in Manchester. Thank you Father!

23. For fruit on my tomato plants and the promise the nourishment they will provide my family

24. For big ripe blackberries - free for all who wish to pick them on the hedgerows

25. For the lovely bumble bees that help make all this fruit possible and for Gods amazing design!

26. For family pets that bring so much joy into our lives

27. For bedtime stories and cuddles shared with our children

28. For these precious childhood years - so fleeting in the greater picture

29. For our homeschooling days.

30. For telephone calls back home to loved ones and dear friends.

So much to be thankful for - may I not forget!

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  1. Hi there Shirly Ann

    It was so nice hearing from you this week. I have an email almost finished and will be sending it off soon. So excited to be following your new blog.

    Lots of love to you


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