Monday, August 08, 2011

Joining the multitudes in Thankfulness

It has been a good week! We have much to be thankful for. God's peace is nestled in my heart as I look into the faces of my family. I see bright, happy and healthy children. I see a husband growing in his relationship with our Saviour, his faith strengthening. We are living in the most wonderful country, surrounded by Gods beauty. Indeed, I feel blessed and have much to be grateful for.

11. I feel blessed to know that my earthly father is walking with Jesus right now. It has been just over a year since he departed this earth. A year of tears, a breaking heart and of missing him terribly. But I have peace in knowing that I will see him again and be able to run into his strong loving arms for a bear hug ;o)

12. I am thankful for the moment that I am awake and the children still asleep. To be able to spend quiet moments in prayer and in the word before the busyness of the day begins.

13. I am thankful that my children awake ;o) and we journey through the day together. Living, learning and loving one another at home.

14. I am grateful to God for His revelation in, what might appear to others as insignificant things. I am grateful that He cares enough to lead my in curriculum choices for my girls. I have struggled in this area with guilt in having to let something go that was no longer working for us. I feel blessed for the peace and revelation  I  have finally received from my heavenly Father in this area.

15. I am thankful for the opportunities we have to gaze upon the face of history through the many many historic sites and places to visit here in England. I don't have to lecture, teach or cajole my children - I just have to silently introduce them.

16. I am thankful that I can walk around my small garden and see the changes day by day. As I enjoy the small patch of earth that I have, make the most of it, watch the life that exists within the boundary's of our home, my heart sings with the wonder of nature instead of the discontent of want.

17. Each day I think how blessed I am when my husband returns from work, safe and sound. Each morning I pray for his safety as he leaves us and drives 40 miles to the office. Each day, God is faithful to answer my prayers and bring him home safe into the arms of his family.

18. I am thankful that God has provided a job for my husband. As I see many, many people all over the world deeply affected by this world wide economic crisis, I feel blessed that God is faithful in providing for us through DH's job. We took a risk some might say, in giving up a job in hand in South Africa to start a new life in England with no guarantees. But it was a time we had to trust that God would look after us - and He did! He opened doors and we trusted Him enough to walk through.

19. I am thankful, blessed and strengthened by the simple, quiet moments. Throughout each day, there is always time to find just a moment to be still before God. Nothing has to be said or thought of too deeply - just simply being at the foot of the throne.


  1. I loved reading your list:) I'm just beginning homeschooling so I appreciate knowing that even homeschool veterans sometimes are not sure about their curriculum. And I love #19! Thanks for the reminder that there is always time.

  2. Hi Christina,

    Thank you for your comment. Homeschooling ia wonderful, exciting, challenging, sometimes confusing journey. As a mom (and teacher) questioning yourself seems to come with the territory of home educating ;o) Enjoy your new adventure!
    Shirley Ann


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